Sell Smarter, Not Harder: List More Products on WhatsApp.
Showcase your products with a WhatsApp catalog.
Preferred by the most dynamic brands in emerging markets.
#1 Use WhatsApp Chat to Links
Use WhatsApp Click-to-Chat links! These links direct customers to a conversation with your business on the WhatsApp application if they’re on a mobile device or WhatsApp Web if they are using a desktop or laptop.
#2 Use WhatsApp Catalog
From browsing to buying!
Increase your sales potential by utilising WhatsApp’s catalog feature. You can showcase your products with images, prices and other essential details, making it easier to attract the right audience and increase sales.
#3 Leverage Click-to-WhatsApp Ads to Boost your WhatsApp Sales Efforts
You can create click-to-chat campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, which enable users to start a conversation with your business on WhatsApp directly from the shown ad.